KT Increases African Ambitions Following Rwanda LTE Success

KT Increases African Ambitions Following Rwanda LTE Success

Following a successful LTE deployment supported by the government of Rwanda, South Korean operator group KT has pledged to increase connectivity in more African markets.

KT stated that it would pursue a similar strategy of working with national ICT authorities on communications infrastructure, with the goal of expediting economic development across the continent.

Last month, the Korean operator completed the deployment of a nationwide LTE network in Rwanda, achieved by partnering with the country’s government. The network delivers wholesale LTE access to businesses in Rwanda, supporting both mobile and fixed access.

KT claimed the deployment as a first for Africa, adding that it would act as a model for building out nationwide LTE networks via public-private partnerships. Kim Hyung-Joon, head of KT Global Business Unit, said that the partnership had given the operator “greater insight” for future Africa-based projects.

Kim noted: “KT’s delegation actively exchanged opinions on a wide range of matters for business cooperation between public and private sectors in major African countries with their representatives to the conference.”

While construction of its Rwanda network was underway, KT stated that it intended to use Rwanda as a hub to export the technology to neighbouring markets. Its focus now appears to have broadened to expand its ICT capabilities across Africa.