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Huawei opens its first inTouch Lab Experience Centre

Aimed at encouraging global telecoms players to pool their ideas, Huawei’s inTouch Lab and Partnership Plan target fellow companies in the industry in order to create, on a joint basis, innovative services and applications for the future...

Slovakia sees wireless world first

Twenty cities in Slovakia, including parts of the capital city Bratislava, have become the first anywhere in the world to switch on Flash-ODM. The wireless broadband variant has been introduced into Slovakia by T-Mobile Slovakia and Siemens...

Linksys/Skype Team up for Cordless Handset

Cisco's Linksys division is working with Skype, one of the leading global voice over Internet communications companies, to market a new cordless phone that is designed to take free Skype Internet phone calling off the computer and to put it into the hands of callers...

Sony Ericsson Unveils 3G Smartphone

Set to start shipping during Q1 2006, Sony Ericsson's 3G UMTS P990 smartphone is billed as the first commercially available smartphone to adopt the enhanced Symbian OS version 9.1 and UIQ 3 software platform...

450 Mhz for low teledensity areas

Nokia is underlining its interest in GSM technology on the 450MHz frequency band. The company believes GSM450 frequency is a viable solution in providing affordable handsets and mobile voice-centred services to new growth areas with a low teledensity...

Voice answered email

Mobile-owning professionals can now answer emails by voice. This is the boast by Visto Corporation, which has launched Mobile Secure Voice specifically for professionals 'on the go.' The new capability results from Visto acquiring Trekmail, a provider of mixed-media messaging services...

Nortel aids flood monitoring

Five major China water resource utilities are establishing critical, real-time flood control monitoring and drought relief systems to protect against the loss of life from the catastrophic floods that hit China each year during the annual rainy season.

To make or not to make - that is the Indian question

As India prepares for its largest ever expansion of telecoms the Indian Ministry of Telecommunications is considering a proposal to make it mandatory for equipment suppliers to manufacture equipment in India. Michael Schwartz assesses India's progress towards becoming a telecoms giant...

Intec continues Nigerian expansion

Medallion Communications, a newly launched interconnect clearing house for all telecommunications service providers in Nigeria, has commissioned Intec Telecom Systems to provide a combined interconnect transiting switch and interconnect settlement scheme under one platform...

The birth of Broadband for a Mobile Planet

Recent changes to Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) service has seen coverage offered by the satellite network increase by about a third from 99 to 150 countries. Best known until now in the Middle East and Africa, the newly enhanced service now extends to include most of Europe,


Nokia signs first Connect eRefill solution in China

Account top-up via SMS and balance transfer for subscribers to Jiangxi Mobile Telecommunication Co Ltd are now a reality thanks to a contract signed by Nokia to deliver its Connect eRefill solution to the Chinese mobile operator...