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Central/South Asia - Developing Telecoms

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India - busier and busier 3G or not

The telecoms market seems rather quiet at present - with the exception of India. This review by Michael Schwartz looks at recent developments in this massive market and tries to identify some of the major current trends... 

Azerfon, Vodafone sign strategic partnership

Azerfon, one of the fastest growing mobile operators in Azerbaijan, and Vodafone have announced a non-equity partnership to provide customers with “high quality communications services and to collaborate jointly on future technological developments”...

Slow take-off for Indian 3G?

Recent reports in the Indian press have looked at 3G's success -  or otherwise - in India. BSNL and MTNL have yet to see more than a few sales of 3G services. Is there something flawed with the companies' approach to 3G? Michael Schwartz analyses...

Indian regulator right to welcome MVNOs

On Monday March 2, the Indian government finally gave the go-ahead for Mobile Virtual Network Operators to enter the market. This follows a recommendation back in August 2008 from India's regulator, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. The government is expected to release...

Sify Pioneers IP-NGN Adoption in India

Sify, a pioneer and leader in data telecom and Internet services in India is to migrate its infrastructure to a Next Generation IP Network in a first of its kind deal with Cisco. The network aims to set new standards for the data telecom services industry in India...

Mobile workforce among Indian SMEs rising fast

From a level of 22% in 2006, the percentage of Indian SMEs (companies with up to 999 employees) with a "mobile workforce," or employees who need to regularly travel on business for a minimum of four or five days in a month is now as high as 43%...

The waking of India's wireless giant

Following Alec Barton's review of 3G in India, Radio Frequency Systems analyses the enormity of Indian telecoms and looks at the contribution its aluminium transmission line technology can make towards achieving rapid roll out of affordable wireless network...

Are emerging markets ready for 3G?

A manufacturing sector which has enjoyed phenomenal growth...  Mobile subscribers signing up by the million...  A decentralised structure...  Surely India can do no wrong. Well, enter Rajat Mukarji, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for IDEA...

Grameen - a US$5 trillion earner?

 IFC, World Bank's private sector arm, has cast its critical eye over the well-known Grameen Telecom Village phone scheme (you know, the phone ladies in Bangladesh). It has identified what it calculates as a US$5 trillion business plan when translated


Mobiles will revolutionise seven sectors in rural India

Mobile communication is revolutionising economic and social life in rural India, spawning a wave of local entrepreneurs and creating greater access to social services, according to a new study by The Centre for Knowledge Societies commissioned by Nokia. The research identifies seven major


India - Eight million more mobiles per month?

Reuters in India has reported a ministerial speech claiming that the country, the world's fastest growing mobile market, could be adding between 6-8 million new users each month once networks reach all potential rural customers. The comments were made by Telecommunications


To make or not to make - that is the Indian question

As India prepares for its largest ever expansion of telecoms the Indian Ministry of Telecommunications is considering a proposal to make it mandatory for equipment suppliers to manufacture equipment in India. Michael Schwartz assesses India's progress towards becoming a telecoms giant...