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Orga Systems: Mathias Liebe's 2015 Trends

There is a lot going on in the telecommunications industry right now, whether because of the threat from more agile and fas­ter OTT players, the fast changing dynamics in the industry or telco’s own mindset of not being a dumb pipe anymore.

SpatialBuzz: Andrew Blake's 2015 Trends

We see 2015 as being the year when CEM (Customer Experience Management) becomes a top priority for operators in developing markets, as they continue their quest for the retention of customers and improvements in ARPU.

Infobip: Silvio Kutic's 2015 Trends

As mobile telecoms become more and more intertwined with the internet, we will continue to see new services and opportunities emerge, both in the B2B and B2C area, as a result of this growing interconnectivity.

Astellia: David Bouchon's 2015 Trends

Growing customer expectations and challenging network dynamics are putting pressure on the Radio AccessNetwork (RAN) in such a manner that almost 80% of quality impacting events occur in the RAN.

Dali Wireless: Albert Lee's 2015 Trends

In developing markets network coverage is often a significant problem, with many people outside of major cities having trouble getting connections because of poor telecoms infrastructure in their area.

Genband: Brad Bush's 2015 Trends

As 2015 begins to kick into high gear I thought I would share a few trends we see forming here at GENBAND in the expanding universe of Real Time Communications software and solutions.

Gilat Satellite Networks: Doreet Oren's 2015 Trends

For a long time, mobile network operators (MNOs) have looked longingly at untapped global markets, wishing there were a business case to justify an expansion of their networks to the nearly two billion potential customers worldwide who are either not covered by any mobile network or currently


CBNL: John Naylon's 2015 Trends

All around the world, the mobile landscape is changing. Mobile subscriptions are expected to reach nearly 7 billion by the end of 2014, whilst mobile broadband subscribers will reach 2.3 billion.

Globys: Derek Edwards' 2015 Trends

2015 is a year in which we’ll see micro-segmentation thrust into action in emerging markets, enabling the delivery of personalized experiences to address the wide diversity within and between markets.

Tecnotree: Timo Ahomäki's 2015 Trends

With growing customer demands and an increasing need to remain competitive and profitable, major operators and CSPs will channel growth in the development of new technologies, partnerships and entry into new sectors.

Verizon: Stephen Keenan's 2015 Trends

As enterprises around the world begin to plan for the year to come, Verizon’s annual view on enterprise-technology trends offers a timely reminder of what’s shaping the technology market from the business perspective.

GSMA: Craig Friderich's 2015 Trends

The potential of mobile and ICT to support behavior change, supply chain, health financing, health worker enablement and other critical services has been well documented but we have yet to see significant scale and integration into the health system.

Opera: Jay Hinman's 2015 Trends

2015 is a year in which we’ll likely see a great deal of attention paid in emerging markets to how data revenues will need to quickly bridge the gap that stems from rapidly declining SMS and voice revenues.

Coleago: Managed services are cloud-bound

On the 16th and 17th of September, Informa’s 8th annual Managed Services World Congress (MSWC) took place. Chris Buist, a Director at Coleago Consulting, chaired both days of the event, and has shared his key takeaways from the congress for operators in


Taking the risk out of renewable energy

Renewable energy solutions are often considered a white elephant by telecoms companies, but this perception has been outdated for some time and operators are now beginning to catch on to its advantages.

Apple Pay could shake up mobile payments sector

The iPhone is the perennially popular handset, in demand across the world. It is seen as the standard by which the luxury smartphone market is measured, but since the release of the iPhone 5 in 2012 the iPhone’s star has perhaps fallen slightly, with each new iteration being criticised for a


Core communications are the operators’ trump card

The changing dynamic between operator services and OTT providers is a fascinating one. It is constantly evolving as the industry presses forward, and while the popularity of OTT – and the threat that this poses to operators – is undeniable, the answers are not quite so obvious.