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Going the extra last mile - From connection to customer

In many emerging markets there is a need for more spectrum, both for backhaul and access. This is because there is a lot of growth and no alternative – GPON and DSL connections typically aren’t present, and they are often difficult to deploy in more remote regions. High-capacity last-mile


Combating copper theft

The global cost of copper has increased by nearly 285 per cent over the last nine years from £1260 a metric tonne in 2003 to around £4843 a metric tonne today. It’s a trend that looks set to continue, with global demand expected to rise by more than 40 per cent by 2020. Such hefty prices have


Satellite backhaul: the Fibre alternative

The term ‘cellular backhaul’ covers more now than it did two or three years ago, encompassing a far broader range of technologies  that have become more widespread, including internet services offered by digital devices as well as remote or maritime communications facilitated by small


Carrier Ethernet catches on in emerging markets

In an industry that’s always looking forward to the newest developments, saying that a technology is ‘mature’ could be considered a slight. However, far from being outdated, some technologies simply need a bit of time to grow before they can flourish, and the prevalence of carrier Ethernet


Dealing with the data demand

Increasing broadband and smartphone penetration, in particular as a result of the launch of 4G networks, is affecting data growth across the BRIC markets. With a focus on India and Russia, DTlooks at the impact this is having and the trends


How will the iPhone 5 affect emerging markets?

A new iPhone unveiling is a cataclysmic event in the telecoms industry, and the impact will be felt just as much in emerging markets – indeed, perhaps even more. DT editor James Barton spoke to Mervyn Kelly of network specialist Ciena to


Coping with LTE signalling traffic

As network traffic increases, operators are constantly on the lookout for technologies that can help them better manage network congestion and provide better load balancing between the various nodes...

The future of mobile computers is rugged

We are going through a radical shift in the way people work and use computers. Increasing availability and affordability of wireless broadband is giving the global workforce true mobility, for the first time in history. Many of them will use smartly designed mobile rugged computers for their


What Do You Know About KYC?

Regulation and compliance requirements are still evolving in many markets when it comes to mobile commerce.

This is not a new channel for operators alone: Many banks also lack experience with mobile payments, remittance and other transactions. Various government bodies that regulate


Five steps to planning successful database security

Database security is possibly the most important and complex implementation project any organisation will undertake. Not only is it critical to ensure that information contained within the database is secure from a host of external threats, including viruses, phishing scams and the like, the


Is your data giving you headaches?

The digital revolution has given rise to a literal explosion of data, as the volume of information shared, distributed and stored increases exponentially on a daily basis. An ever-growing list of regulatory compliance adds to the burden, generating masses of additional data that needs to be


Go Figure: LTE Discrepancies

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the industry’s main opportunity every year to trumpet the achievements of mobile communications, great as these undoubtedly are. Indeed it has long been our belief that mobile phones are right up there with the Honda 125cc moped and Penicillin as technologies


Mobile Device Renewal Forum Launched

A new organisation to encourage recycling and reuse of mobile devices was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. The Device Renewal Forum (DRF) aims to establish a common certification for refurbished wireless devices which it believes is necessary in order for the market to


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