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Mobile money - global really does mean global

Mobile money is a highly topical - and highly successful - area of interest for the emerging telecom regions. As our report shows, mobile money can function in even the most inhospitable conditions. Michael Schwartz looks at some recent trends which can themselves be adopted by entrants to


iPhone 4 launch: the grey market knock-on effect

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, much has been written about the Apple smartphone, its features and its overwhelming success in the market. But, a little known fact is that the original iPhone and its predecessors have created a huge grey market, where iPhones are bought and sold in bulk


Banking on mobile banking

Seldom in history has any invention offered so much to so many in such a short period of time. Mahuya Ghosh, Product Manager of Connectiva Systems, looks at the Mobile Miracle...

Volcanic Ash the Pain? Video conferencing the gain!

For a whole week, air travel in Europe was paralysed by the effects of volcanic ash belched into the atmosphere by a volcano on Iceland. There had been more disruption since the tragedy of 9/11. While, in one case, the USA struggled to bring 40,000 of its citizens home, the telecoms sector


APC launches data-centre Battery Management System

APC, part of Schneider Electric specialising in integrated critical power and cooling services, has launched a smart charging and remote battery management system for stationary batteries in data centres and facilities. APC Battery Management System is a


Synchronica unveils 'any handset' mobile messaging suite

 Synchronica has unveiled Mobile Gateway 5, a complete mobile messaging suite that enables operators to offer push email and synchronisation, instant messaging, social networking services, and web feeds to consumers and business users regardless of the handset they use...

Apple’s App Store challenged by 24 carriers worldwide

Two dozen carriers worldwide have taken the opportunity of the Mobile World Congress to unveil what they describe as the “Wholesale Applications Community,” an “open international applications platform.” It is generally accepted that the lobby has been formed to respond to the success of