Microsoft partners with Tunisian wind energy startup

Microsoft has signed a new strategic alliance with Tunisian startup Saphon Energy, a company that specialises in the research and development of wind energy.

“North Africa is an important region to us. We see tremendous potential for technology in the region to transform the lives of people, increase business aptitude and bring positive change across society,” says Samir Benmakhlouf, Managing Director of Microsoft Morocco. “Microsoft 4Afrika’s support of Saphon Energy is a perfect illustration of our commitment to promote new ideas born in Africa with the potential to change the world.”

Saphon Energy, a clean-tech company, is the creator and owner of a breakthrough and patented technology, which converts wind energy into electricity. Known as the ‘Saphonian’ or ‘Zero-blade Wind Converter’, the bladeless and rotation-less technology can also be used to pump water and spread connectivity.

Anis Aouini, Creator and Founder of Saphon Energy, said: “By improving connectivity and electricity availability, the technology will support entrepreneurship and improve employability.”

Through the collaboration, Saphon Energy will receive financial resources, technology support and large scale visibility to help them validate the revolutionary aspects and industrial capacity of their invention. Additionally, Saphon Energy is developing “Maraya” a solution that enables the collection and monitoring of data leveraging the benefits of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning services.