Deutsche Telekom pushing IoT in Brazil via MVNO deal with Claro

Deutsche Telekom pushing IoT in Brazil via MVNO deal with Claro

T-Systems Brazil is adopting an MVNO-style business model in order to offer IoT services in the market.

The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary has partnered with Claro in order to deliver IoT services as an MVNO via the operator’s network. It has not been confirmed whether T-Systems Brazil would offer any additional services outside of IoT using the same business model.

In addition, T-Systems Brazil has signed an agreement with telecoms and IT firm Embratel that will allow them both to use Deutsche Telekom’s IoT service portal to deliver “commercial IoT services” at some point this year. While no specific date was announced, DT noted that it was targeting companies in sectors such as automotive, energy and transportation.

Deutsche Telekom’s portal is already operational in Europe, China and the US. The portal allows for the activation and control of SIM-enabled connected devices, and offers tracking functionality for data plans and transmission volumes.

Ingo Hofacker, Deutsche Telekom’s Head of IoT Business said: “This cooperation enables our customers from all over the world to use their M2M products seamlessly, securely and legally compliant with our IoT service portal in Brazil.”