Alcatel-Lucent and Internet Society launching Thai Internet Exchange

Alcatel-Lucent has partnered with the Internet Society to provide equipment for the Bangkok Internet Exchange Point.

The Internet Society’s Interconnection and Traffic Exchange (ITE) Program will see the Bangkok Internet Exchange Point (BKNIX) begin operations in December 2014. It is aimed at dramatically increasing Internet capacity, encouraging greater efficiency in local Internet traffic routing, creating a more robust Internet infrastructure, and improving quality of service for the Southeast Asia region.

The BKNIX will drive significant social and economic value to Southeast Asia by providing a neutral community IXP, powered by Alcatel-Lucent’s 7750 Service Router (SR) which delivers exceptional performance and scale for a wide range of IP services, with service intelligence to further drive operational efficiency. Internet service providers (ISPs) and content providers will be able to diversify local and regional peering and data exchange by offering services through BKNIX, allowing wider access and more services to the general public.

“Asia-Pacific is the world's largest Internet market, and Southeast Asia in particular is a rapidly emerging sub-region that includes some of the largest users of social media in the world,” said Rajnesh Singh, head of the Internet Society’s Asia-Pacific Bureau. “The establishment of a neutral IXP in Bangkok will do much to improve inter-connectivity within Thailand as well as in the region, as the Internet is critical to all sectors of the economy. This is all the more timely as we approach 2015 and the start of ASEAN integration, as Thailand is a key economy in the region, and a key player in ASEAN.”

“Internet exchanges are a growing market for core routing, and with Internet capacity continuing to expand, their role becomes even more crucial,” said Basil Alwan, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s IP Routing & Transport business line. “Thailand has a tremendous potential market for ultra-broadband Internet connections, but its growth would be improved by stronger network infrastructure. Our solution addresses that problem by providing very high performance and high capacity routing platforms which can meet today’s demand and scale to meet growth demands for the coming years.”

Kanchana Kanchanasut, Internet Hall of Fame inductee and Vice-President of the Thai Network Information Centre Foundation, noted, “In recent years we have witnessed dramatic growth of the Thai Internet community with increasing domestic content and local traffic. Instead of today’s existing peering arrangements among ISPs, our BKNIX's neutral IX service will provide economical direct interconnections among them. This relationship will be more sustainable in handling the vast traffic growth in the foreseeable future as content becomes the key driver of the technology. The contribution by Alcatel-Lucent and the Internet Society will enable the Thai Internet pioneering group to embark upon the next phase of the Internet development in Thailand. This IXP endeavour will not only benefit Bangkok but our experience and lessons will be shared throughout Thailand and neighbouring countries in the Mekong sub-region.”