Huawei selects WDC as Digital Power partner in Brazil

Huawei selects WDC as Digital Power partner in Brazil

Chinese multinational technology corporation Huawei, through its new Digital Power division, announced a strategic partnership with Brazilian telecommunications equipment company WDC Networks.

The partnership aims to offer advanced solutions for inverters and intelligent systems for solar energy, lithium battery, and data centers, which make up the Digital Power area of ​​the Asian giant, said a press release.

The two companies had already closed a partnership in June this year, to bring to the photovoltaic solar energy market, new technological solutions for the high-power segments and hybrid systems (on-grid and off-grid), using batteries lithium to expand its operations within the segments of more sophisticated homes, businesses and medium and large industries, it said.

Now, with the expansion of this partnership, the goal is to focus on solutions in the Digital Power area, offering clients in Brazil the possibility of leasing solutions in Data Center Infrastructure (Edge and Central) and Energy Storage ( ESS - energy storage system). These solutions include equipment such as intelligent temperature and power control, lithium batteries, and hybrid power systems that will support the 5G infrastructure.

Huawei Digital Power contributes to improving efficiency and making facilities smarter. The technology is expected to have revenues of US$20 billion worldwide by 2015. The solutions help telecom operators simplify deployments, improve energy reliability, increase energy efficiency and make O&M ( Operation & Maintenance) intelligent, enabling ICT networks to evolve to 5G in the cloud more easily.

“This tool aims to further enhance the partnership between WDC and Huawei. Now, in addition to the partnership in Solar, we are part of the Digital Power segment that encompasses the entire data center infrastructure, especially to meet growing demand for "EDGE Datacenters", fully aligned with the needs to create the necessary infrastructure for 5G and IoT. Our mission is to value and use photovoltaic energy for several other purposes, joining technology to sustainability", said CEO and founder of WDC Networks, Vanderlei Rigatieri.