Brazilian ISP Unifique acquires Click SBS

Brazilian ISP Unifique acquires Click SBS

Unifique, Brazil’s seventh-largest ISP in terms of subscribers, has agreed to acquire regional ISP Click SBS, owner of a fibre network in Itapoa, State of Santa Catarina.

Though the deal is a minor one, Click is valued at BRL7.5 million (USD1.3 million) and serves just 3,000 fixed broadband subscriptions!

The form of payment includes an initial payment of 50% of the purchase price, and 50% of the purchase price with payment in 15 equal, monthly and consecutive installments, and an installment in the 24th month.

"Although the acquisition does not represent a relevant amount when compared to assets, net operating revenue or even the number of the Company's customers, the acquisition reinforces the Company's presence in the State of Santa Catarina", said José Wilson Souza Júnior, financial director of the group Unifique, in the notice local media.

Publicly traded since July, the operator has been very active in consolidating regional providers. Unifique had already acquired eight operators in the South region until September this year (Click SBS is the ninth), reaching the milestone of 400,000 accesses. The expectation is to end in 2021 with 490,000 customers.

The eight providers purchased by Unifique are BKTech, Naja, TKNet, Neofibra, Zappen, Fibramax, SSTV, and MKS. The most recent acquisitions were from MKS Net and Fibramaxx, purchases also made in this month of October.