Precision 5G Transport Networks

ZTE Corporation and Global Data have jointly released a new white paper on precision 5G transport, to shed light on the latest changes of 5G network architecture and new requirements for transport networks.

The white paper describes how precision 5G transport network solutions can be used to address major challenges brought about by new services and provides comprehensive technical support and recommendations for specific key technologies. “5G network can provide high capacity and availability in general; combined with hard slicing, they can also provide superior security and traffic isolation, enabling operators to create network slices reserved for private network with precisely defined network capabilities and QoS guarantees,” said Emir Halilovic, Principal Analyst of GlobalData. “5G network will thus effectively replace dedicated private network, and precision 5G transport will bring network support for operators and enterprise customers.”

The rapid development of new 5G applications in vertical industries requires the re-architecting of 5G ecology. It asks for precision slicing, precision management and control, precision diagnosis, as well as precision synchronization, so as to implement “one unified transport network for various industries”. The white paper elaborates on the four technical capabilities in detail:

  • Precision Slicing: It supports Flex-Algo, which is completely disaggregated from the transport resources and allows flexible mapping with FlexE resources. Flex-Algo slices with different bandwidths, latency and isolation features are constructed with allocated resources with different quantities, types and granularities, to provide efficient, stable, secure and dedicated pipes for services with different QoS requirements and implement deterministic forwarding with ultra-low latency and jitter.
  • Precision Management and Control: It supports flexible customization and deployment of slices in multiple layers in multiple scenarios with differentiated requirements. The slice view can provide visual monitoring and efficient service OAM, enabling minute-level slice provisioning and making topology, operation and status visible.
  • Precision Diagnosis: The legacy diagnosis mode, based on personal experience, is upgraded to AI-based automatic intelligent diagnosis, which shortens the check period from second level to millisecond level and displays the service status more precisely.
  • Precision Synchronization: Ultra-high precision intelligent synchronization networking is used to implement automatic planning, deployment and OAM of the time network, effectively improving the network provisioning efficiency, shortening fault location time, and making it possible to deploy ground time network on a large scale. It can also make mutual backup with the satellite time network providing secure, reliable and ultra-high precision synchronization services.

To date, ZTE's precision 5G transport network solution oriented to deterministic forwarding has been deployed and verified in the power and cloud game industries sequentially. Moving forward, ZTE and mainstream operators will work together to build all-in-one 5G transport networks to make full preparations for the operators’ long-term evolution from To C towards To C+To B and help them achieve their competitive edge in the 5G IoT era.

Click the link to download the white paper: