Network Performance Score: initiate improvements with QoE-centric score

There are various scores, as in scoring methods, claiming to measure the performance of mobile networks on the market. Some scores are based on plain technical metrics, others on quality of experience (QoE) measurements or surveys.

Which score should a mobile network operator (MNO) choose? The one providing the highest score? The cheapest one? The one based on technical scores or rather the one reflecting QoE, indicating what the end user perceives? Should the score offer a transparent and stable method or be a black box?

The ultimate questions concern the values the MNO wants to convey to the market and how the results can be used to improve network performance. Is producing a marketing claim (“best in xyz”) the score’s key objective, or should the score’s methodology provide drill-down possibilities and offer insight into root causes to initiate actions for improvement?
Regardless of the MNO’s intention, the prerequisite for both is the same: First, the right metrics describing the network’s overall performance; and, second, transparent measures to derive all details of potential problems to improve network performance efficiently.

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