AIS underlines 5G potential for industry with ZTE and Suranaree U

AIS underlines 5G potential for industry in partnership with ZTE and Suranaree U

Thai market leader AIS has partnered with Suranaree University and ZTE to develop smart factory solutions, including 5G Cloud AGV autonomous vehicles, inspection patrol robots, 5G AR Remote Guidance, and real-time VR Monitoring.

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer (CEBO), AIS Business, said: “Particularly in the industrial sector, we believe digital technology is at the heart of transforming and powering every manufacturing process. With [Suranaree University and ZTE], we have jointly developed solutions to better meet the requirements of the industrial sector where they are needed.

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“This project has been set on building a Smart Factory with capabilities appropriate to the industrial sector from 5G Total Solutions for Industrial. We have deployed standalone (SA) AIS 5G digital infrastructure on 2600 GHz, a middle-band spectrum with excellent properties to make this use case - reduced latency and full support for IoT. We have built a prototype factory to level up management capabilities, and transform manufacturing processes in the context of a rapidly changing industrial sector.”

Assoc Prof Dr Peerapong Uthansakul, Director of the Institute of Research and Development at Suranaree University of Technology explained: “We have created a hub of research data and applied this achievement to develop local areas and the country. We have enabled students, industrial entrepreneurs and the general public to join in deploying these innovations, and further expand the results.”

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The factory solutions development has aimed at integrating 5G into every part of the production line, with 5G Cloud AGV autonomous vehicles developed alongside machine to machine learning for the first time. This enables quick and accurate autonomous planning, making it an important tool to boost efficiency inside the factory, warehouses and on the production floor.

AIS and its partners have also developed other smart solutions with support roles in the factory. 5G Inspection Patrol Robots have the duties of a security guard to patrol various areas, and boast facial recognition capabilities. The 5G Robotic Arm is used for inspecting products, while 5G AR Remote Guidance is a tool to improve working efficiency by controlling the work of many departments.

Training and equipment repairs can be carried out remotely, while 5G VR Monitoring in real-time is a quality assurance inspection tool to ensure every product is made to the same standard, from raw material to finished goods.

Ling Zhi, ZTE VP for Global Marketing,said:  “Together with AIS and Suranaree University, we are teaming up to provide industrial customers with the innovative solution, aiming to better serve manufacturing industry with 5G technologies and to offer enterprises flexible, intelligent end-to-end solutions. Committed to empowering traditional industries with 5G, ZTE has carried out innovation in 5G applications covering more than 15 key industries with partners. Moving forward, together with AIS and Suranaree University, we are committed to helping the manufacturing industry develop towards a green ,low-carbon, digital, and intelligent future Thailand.”

“AIS will continue to deploy the potential of 5G to power the country at a time of many limitations. For us, it is the best opportunity to continue our ceaseless development and search for new opportunities. We remain committed to the practice of working jointly with partners to develop and deliver the best services or solutions to customers. Finally, we have obtained the use case of a Smart Factory. Now we are certainly ready to connect technological innovations and upgrade the country with a robust digital infrastructure. 5G Total Solutions for Industrial will benefit the industrial sector, the business sector and every other sector,” concluded Tanapong.

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