Huawei and Industry Partners Set Up the NGSFP MSA Work Group

Huawei and Industry Partners Set Up the NGSFP MSA Work Group

At the 2019 Data Center Optoelectronics Technology and Industry Summit, Huawei and industry chain partners jointly established the Next Generation SFP Multisource Agreement (NGSFP MSA) work group.

The associated partners include Baidu, Tencent, Accelink Technologies Corporation, Applied Optoelectronics Inc., Broadex Technologies, Yihua Connector, Hisense Broadband, Hisilicon Optoelectronics, LEONI, Luxshare-ICT, Source Photonics, TRI-LIGHT, and Yamaichi Electronics. The work group aims to jointly promote the formulation of the next-generation high-density and small-sized optical module form factor as well as interface industry specifications.

Next-generation high-density and small-sized optical modules use 100GE as the mainstream rate, with 100GE modules evolving through five generations: transponder, CFP, CFP2, CFP4, and QSFP28. However, QSFP28 is in need of being further miniaturised for data centres. What's more, the industry faces the challenge of how to miniaturise high-density modules, as well as how to achieve low power consumption and high performance.

In addition to 100GE, higher-rate optical/electrical modules will also face miniaturisation problems in the future. Overcoming this challenge will require collaboration within the industry, calling for mainstream upstream and downstream vendors from the industry chain to work together.

The NGSFP MSA work group aims to build a platform that is jointly innovated by mainstream vendors in the industry, and promote the standardisation of high-density and small-sized optical module form factor technologies, industrialisation of supply resources, and normalisation of requirements.

By joining this work group, partners from the industry chain can reach a consensus about industry development, and mitigate risks. Other benefits include helping the industry focus on investment, eliminating technical bottlenecks and uncertainties, and driving the industry towards a positive cycle. Members of the NGSFP MSA work group will have more opportunities to benefit by authorising use of each other's patents and sharing intellectual property rights, as well as balancing factors such as quality, progress, and cost. In addition, the NGSFP is compatible with SFP and DSFP and reuses industry chain resources to the maximum extent.

The NGSFP MSA work group will be open to all companies and organisations.

To join, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.