Energy-Efficient Operation in EM Market

At the 12th Huawei User Group Meeting in 2020, Li Yao, deputy director from NOC of China Mobile Pakistan, delivered a keynote speech on "Energy-efficient Operation in the EM Market".

He pointed out that energy solutions are the foundation of the network. China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) will continue to solve the power supply bottleneck and reconstruct its sites in advance for 5G. At the meeting, China Mobile Pakistan and Huawei jointly released the "Energy Efficiency Digital Management Platform" to build a benchmark for energy efficiency innovation.

CMPak, established after China Mobile’s acquisition of Paktel in 2007, has established a leading position in the 4G. In 2020, CMPak's 4G user penetration rate ranks first in the industry. It has been widely recognized in the industry for its innovative technical solutions that solves the bottlenecks of power supply. In the future, CMPak will keep its focus on network development, while continuing to build and optimize energy networks with expansions and upgrades, as well as smoothly evolve to 5G.

CMPak’s Energy Innovation and Diesel Generator (D.G.) Removal Reconstruction has Achieved Remarkable Results in Pakistan’s Telecom Industry

Pakistan telecom infrastructure is undeveloped, facing many challenges like high power cost, low site availability, difficult site maintenance and management, making it difficult to upgrade to 5G. With the insights into the pain points of Pakistan telecom industry, CMPak grasps the development trend of digitalization, and strives to establish an efficient, digital & intelligent energy network.

First, CMPak uses industry-leading technologies in energy solutions, such as wireless sensing, high-efficiency module, and one site one cabinet solution. Then it improves energy efficiency through digital technology, along with power synergy, business synergy and site synergy, so that all sites save energy effectively. Finally, it combines digital sites with big data & AI to make networks visible, manageable, controllable, and optimized, to achieve intelligent network O&M and management.

Over the past few years, CMPak has led in large-scale deployment of lithium batteries and intelligent network management in the Middle East, and has become the first operator to introduce the innovative solution for D.G. removal reconstruction in Pakistan. This year, CMPak completed the energy reconstruction of more than 2,000 sites. With Huawei’s advanced hybrid power solution, 30% of the site’s D.G. removal reconstruction was completed, achieving zero fuel consumption and reducing OPEX by 69%. All new built sites use Huawei smart lithium batteries (BoostLi) instead of lead-acid batteries, it accelerates lithium-ionization for the backup power of entire network. The large-scale reconstruction has improved the overall site availability 2%, reduced OPEX by 25%, making the network more energy-efficient.

CMPak and Huawei Jointly Release a Digital Energy Efficiency Management Platform to Build a Global Energy Efficiency Innovation Benchmark

At the Huawei User Group Meeting 2020, CMPak and Huawei jointly released the Digital Energy Efficiency Management Platform, with first ECR (Energy cost per Revenue ) baseline to set up a global energy efficiency innovation benchmark. The Platform integrates the energy data from Huawei NetEco and big data of other systems to build a visible, manageable, and optimizable digital energy network. It helps improve the capabilities of market operation, intelligent decision-making, and precise operation.

In the exploration of digital transformation, CMPak is a forerunner among many carriers in Pakistan. The joint release of the Digital Energy Efficiency Management Platform with Huawei is a big step towards digitalization and intelligence of the entire network. CMPak continues to improve its network capabilities and service levels, making it achieve its three-year energy target of "D.G.removal, digital intelligent network, power availability improvement, and green energy."