Syria may have a third mobile operator soon

Syria may have a third mobile operator soon

There have been media reports that Syria’s Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection has approved articles of association for a potential third wireless provider.

A photo circulated on Sunday claiming the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection had approved the operation of a new company, Wafa Telecom.

However, the Syrian Ministry of Communication and Technology (MoCT) denied on Monday granting a license to a third mobile operator in the country.

Director-General of Communications Regulatory Authority for Post and Communications Manhal Gunaidi clarified that announcing the entry of a third operator is made exclusively by the Ministry and Authority.

He pointed out that the ministry will announce this when the final license is granted, adding that one of the conditions for the third operator is that the “Syrian Telecom Company” is a partner in the operator.

Incidentally, the approval dates back to 2020 and was published in the Gazette but it does not bear the signature or seal of the Ministry.

According to the decision, the new company Wafa Telecom consists of seven firms operating in Syria, and their headquarters are in Damascus, namely: Wafa Telecom, ABC, IBC Advanced, IBC Technology, IBC Telecom, Tele Space, and Tell You.

Following the circulation of the information, however, a spokesperson for MoCT clarified that Wafa Telecom has not been issued the necessary licences by the sector authorities.

Two companies (Syrtel) and (MTN) for cellular communications have been operating in Syria since 2000.