India's wireless subscribers reach 1.18 billion

India's wireless subscribers reach 1.18 billion

Total wireless subscribers in India as of March 2021 stood at 1,180.96 million, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) data released on Friday.

 Out of the total wireless subscribers (1,180.96 million), 993.92 million wireless subscribers were active on the date of peak Visitor Location Register (VLR) in March 2021. The proportion of active wireless subscribers was approximately 84.16% of the total wireless subscriber base.

Reliance Jio topped the chart with 422.2 million subscribers, followed by Airtel at 352.39 million and Vodafone Idea (Vi) at 283.71 million. BSNL's total subscriber base stood at 118.63 million, March data showed

Meanwhile, Reliance Jio added over 7.9 million mobile subscribers, extends lead in net mobile user additions. Bharti Airtel added 4.05 million wireless users, and interestingly Vodafone Idea gained 1.08 million customers during March (compared to the previous month).

However, Jio continues to record the largest inactive user base at 91 million, compared to Airtel’s 8 million and Vodafone Idea’s 21 million.

Around 12.74 million subscribers submitted their requests for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in March.

Meanwhile, the overall Tele-density in India to 88.17 at the end of March 2021. The number of telephone subscribers in India increased from 1,187.90 million at the end of February-21 to 1,201.20 million at the end of March-21, thereby showing a monthly growth rate of 1.12%.

As per the reports received from 421 operators in March 2021, the number of broadband subscribers increased from 765.09 million at the end of February-21 to 778.09 million at the end of March-21 with a monthly growth rate of 1.70%, said Trai.