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Huawei opens its first inTouch Lab Experience Centre

Aimed at encouraging global telecoms players to pool their ideas, Huawei’s inTouch Lab and Partnership Plan target fellow companies in the industry in order to create, on a joint basis, innovative services and applications for the future.

As part of this strategy, on October 19 Huawei opened its first inTouch Lab Experience Centre dedicated to creating a dynamic marketplace where operators can gain access to services and applications. The inTouch Lab combines simulated environments with proof-of-concept testing, and serves as a centre of innovation focused on connecting global carriers, content/service providers, application providers, terminal providers and other customers and partners in an open cooperation platform.

Based in Shenzhen, China, the Huawei inTouch Lab Experience Centre will be more than just a new service experience centre. It is set to deliver an environment that helps to boost the development of data and voice value-added services, including trial-run services for operators. The Experience Centre is organised by end-user scenario, including office set-ups, business centre scenarios, home and recreation areas. Each area will feature and demonstrate a variety of services relevant to the consumers in that particular scenario.

One catalyst leading to the opening of the Centre is the introduction of 3G and broadband services, creating an “experience economy”: it is a result of the ever-changing mobile lifestyle that consumers are currently leading. Operators, equipment manufacturers, application developers, and content providers are beginning to work together to create value-added services that will meet these needs. To further the progress and development of this value chain and to create the necessary applications and services, Huawei has set up the inTouch Lab, based on a central concept of creating “Experience for a Better Life”.

In addition to the inTouch Lab, Huawei has also developed the Huawei inTouch Lab Partnership Plan, which provides a series of services for the partners, including open interface and platforms, development tools, technical support and a test environment. The plan also provides ideas to help partners prepare for the launch in terms of contents, applications, terminals and terminal software.

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