How to Win Big Contracts in Russia: The Major Buyers of Security Market

You probably know that the Russian Government is one of the key buyers of safety and security equipment, with purchases of over $700 million in 2016.

The government’s share in purchases of safety and security equipment is increasing as it embarks on new construction projects for upcoming events such as the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2018, Development of the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol, The Vostochny Cosmodrome, High-Speed Rail Projects, etc.

While Russian government procurement is substantial, private entities, mainly in Retail, Oil&Gas, Manufacturing Industry, Transportation, Banking, Power Generation & Energy are also important buyers of a wide variety of security equipment. Totally, they keep up to 82% of the all market volume.

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Groteck Buyers 600However, these are just some key Russian investment projects till 2025:

- Investment in Moscow–Kazan High-Speed Rail Project (pilot part of HSR2 Moscow - Ekaterinburg) could cover $22 billion till 2018;

- The multipurpose Ust-Luga merchant sea port is under construction in the Gulf of Finland have total spendings is $10 billion till 2025;

- The $13.5 billion investment plan for Vladivostok LNG project (liquefied natural gas plant) includes infrastructure such as a port, gas pipeline and power station till 2020;

- The Vostochny Cosmodrome is a Russian spaceport under construction in the Amur Oblast. Investment in the Vostochny spaceport is $9 billion till 2020;

- Investment in the project of state oil major Rosneft and petrochemicals group Sanors to build a polymer complex in the Samara Region city of Novokuibyshevsk could exceed $5 billion till 2020;

- Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant is the biggest power generating company of the north-western region of the united energy system of the Russian Federation. Investment is $5 billion till 2024.

This overview will provide valuable information and vital market insights. Hope this information will be useful for better understanding of Russian security market specialities and features.