ZTE, China Mobile deploy NodeEngine's 5G positioning system

ZTE, China Mobile deploy NodeEngine's 5G positioning system

ZTE Corporation announced that it has assisted China Mobile in launching the operator’s first NodeEngine Powered 5G integrated high-precision positioning commercial case in Guangzhou.

The international provider of telecommunications, enterprise, and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet said in a press release that the commercial case for Grandview Mall this time employs ZTE’s NodeEngine powered 5G high-precision positioning solution.

"Only by inserting an additional board in existing BBU, the 5G integrated high-precision positioning system for the grand mall can achieve seamless indoor and outdoor coverage with positioning accuracy of up to sub-meter level," it said.

Moreover, this system is well compatible with the industry-leading positioning solutions such as Bluetooth/UWB, providing unified and efficient LBS(location-based service) for upper-layer service applications, as well as open API interfaces for third-party apps to interconnect. In addition, it can provide an accurate shopping location navigation service for 5G terminal users.

ZTE, the Guangzhou Branch of China Mobile, and Grandview Mall are among the first batch of 20 members of Guangzhou 5G+ Digital Business Alliance, which aims to jointly promote 5G commercial applications and develop overall 5G+ intelligent business solutions.

ZTE, as a provider of 5G network equipment for China Mobile Guangzhou, has offered key technologies including 5G networks, edge computing, and indoor positioning for the Alliance. Since the foundation of the Alliance, the three parties have worked together to carry out service innovations to meet the typical commercial service requirements of Grandview Mall.