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Intracom Telecom and COMATEC deploying IPTV Solution in Saudi Arabia

Intracom Telecom and COMATEC deploying IPTV Solution in Saudi Arabia

Global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor Intracom Telecom has joined forces with COMATEC in order to deploy an IPTV solution in a luxurious compound in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The deployment is based on Intracom Telecom’s award-winning fs|cdn Anywhere IPTV & OTT middleware, that enables the delivery of high quality digital video content to TVs & smart connected devices, while the partners’ plans include the option to introduce additional interactive services in the near future like network DVR and Restart TV.

COMATEC with its engraved and matured experience in both construction and telecom areas, is a modern contractor in the KSA, seeking to materialize new technological opportunities like the IPTV and Over The Top (OTT) content services in the highly growing residential compound and hospitality market. Both COMATEC and Intracom Telecom have agreed to strategically team up to address the hospitality business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region in general.

Rad Marji, the GM of COMATEC, stated: “The list of worldwide successful deployments and expandability of the fs|cdn Anywhere platform played a key role in the decision-making process. Throughout the process, we also evaluated Intracom Telecom’s business agility and their deep technological background and capabilities that perfectly complement our strategy for growth and innovation in the Kingdom.”

“In Intracom Telecom we are excited with our cooperation with COMATEC” said Sotiris Bithas, Marketing Director of Telco Software Business Division at Intracom Telecom, while he added that “Our IPTV/OTT platform has been deployed successfully to over 40 Telco & Cable Operators in the USA and Europe. We look forward to taking up the challenge to address together with COMATEC the needs of the digital video content services in the emerging and highly growing market of the Hospitality sector in the KSA.”

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