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BITE Latvia: 45% of mobile Internet volume consumed on social networks

BITE Latvia: 45% of mobile Internet volume consumed on  social networks

Although most, or 65%, of mobile Internet users visit Google, they spend most of their time on social networks Youtube and Facebook, according to Latvia’s mobile operator BITE. These websites also consume the largest amount of Internet capacity.

BITE notes that social networks today are one of the most popular ways people consume information and choose content. For example, Facebook is the second most popular Internet site in Latvia - 62% of mobile Internet users use it daily - while Youtube is the third most popular (48%).

The total amount of Internet or data consumed by the users of Youtube and Facebook is almost half, or 45%, of the total monthly data traffic on the BITE network. For example, Youtube users consume on average 2 petabytes per month, or 2,000 terabytes of internet, which is 156% more than a year ago. Converting this volume into 90-minute HD quality movies would require 87 years to watch all these videos.

For comparison, the amount of Internet consumed on Google is about 2% of the total monthly data traffic on the BITE network.

“The popularity of digital lifestyle is growing all over the world, including in Latvia. The fact that there are social networks among the users' favourite websites confirms that it is important for people today to be in constant circulation - not only to share the most important events of their lives, but also to find out what's new in the world and in the lives of their opinion leaders and friends, express their views on current events, etc. Modern technology is the easiest and most effective way to achieve this. Therefore, the popularity of social networks in the near future is expected to remain high, but the amount of data used in them will continue to increase, ” observed BITE Marketing Director Diāna Smite.

He also reveals that Facebook has grown the fastest in popularity among mobile users last year, with a 11% increase in social networking and 172% increase in Internet usage.

Social networks such as Instagram, Vkontakte and Snapchat are also among the most popular websites. Also, mobile data customers often use the WhatsApp and Viber communication sites, the Waze traffic and navigation application, and the Spotify music streaming platform.

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