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Digicell signs up for Lifecell DO and 1440 strategy

Digicell signs up for Lifecell DO and 1440 strategy

At a press conference held at the Mobile World Congress 2019, Lifecell announced a new Digital Operator (DO) vision and 1440 strategy partnership with Digicel Group, expanding Lifecell’s experience and know-how in digitalisation to countries across the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific.

The Lifecell DO vision and 1440 strategy aims to change the direction of the telecommunication industry by combining telecom and OTT abilities. The 1440 strategy is designed to increase the interaction a telecom operator has with its customers to 1440 minutes in a day and provide the best digital experience to customers with digital services. Lifecell’s digital services now have the opportunity to reach 40 million people following the new partnership with Digicel Group which operates in 31 countries.

“Telecom operators have 32 minutes of customer interaction daily, while we started our journey to be with our customers 1440 minutes a day,” Lifecell Chairman Kaan Terzioglu stated. “Today 9 operators in 3 different continents, have started to implement the 1440 strategy - already proven to be successful in 6 countries.”

As part of the process Digicell has signed an agreement to access Turkcell’s Lifecell platforms and expertise. According to Lifecell, Turkcell was the first telecom operator to implement the 1440 strategy, in the process transforming itself to the world’s first Digital Operator. This move has brought 49% bi-annual cumulative growth in Turkcell revenue and 90.2% bi-annual growth in its EBITDA over the past two years (as of the end of Q4 2018) making the company the world’s fastest growing operator in last 3 years.

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