Beecell creates a comprehensive digital platform in Jordan

Beecell creates a comprehensive digital platform in Jordan

Beecell, mobile value-added services and solutions provider specialising in mobile content and interactive services, announced the launch of digital services for the "Hekaya" program in Jordan.

The digital media company in Jordan said in a press release that it is collaborating with local media network, Roya TV, to provide the operation of the competition show "Hekaya", airing currently on the channel during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Whereby, Beecell has created a comprehensive digital platform to fully support the entertainment program.

The entertainment program “Hekaya” is on air during the Holy Month of Ramadan, following the popular “Comedy Hour” on Roya TV, allowing participants to win many prizes, as well as winning a 2021 car.

Participants are required to text “5” to the shortcode 98885 for an opportunity to take part in the show. Through this program, Beecell has launched the competition show through mobile operators in Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq, and is managing the overall operation of the application, creating a significant interest among the target audience to participate, it said.

Bashar Al Hantuoli Chief Executive Officer at Beecell said: “Our experience in providing similar campaigns in the region has facilitated this collaboration, where our platform provides access to over 40 mobile operators thought the MENA region.”

Since 2004, Beecell has been committed to providing digital media services to over 40 mobile network operators in over 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world.

"Beecell also acts as a mobile billing aggregator, enabling companies to take advantage of their connectivity with mobile operators, which results in quick time-to-market product launches," the release said.