Interswitch, Sacco sign digital payment deal in Kenya

Interswitch, Sacco sign digital payment deal in Kenya

Interswitch Group, the Africa-oriented technology-driven company focused on payments, has signed a deal with K-Unity Sacco to provide the savings and credit society's more than 100,000 members with secure digital payment services.

The electronic payment company has integrated its mass payment platform Autopay with Sacco's mobile app, Unicash. It has opened up its Autopay web portal to the Sacco.

“Effectively, K-Unity Sacco members can disburse payments to different accounts and mobile wallets. Members who are also SMEs and small businesses will be able to make payments on the web portal,” said Interswitch Group country manager Romana Rajput.

The technology firm has also automated Sacco’s manual checkout process to allow members to initiate, review, authorize and monitor payment processes digitally.

“All Sacco members will thus be able to disburse massive payments through Autopay to different bank accounts and mobile money wallets any day, including weekends and holidays, at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)” said K-Unity CEO Simon Njenga.