Brazil's Mhnet completes triple takeover

Brazil's Mhnet completes triple takeover

Brazilian telecom operator Mhnet has finalised the purchase of three regional ISPs -Optinet, Frosinet, and GW Telecom - and expanded its presence. The value of the business was not revealed.

Optinet is based in Pato Branco, while Frosinet and GW Telecom provide services in Clevelandia. In addition, Frosinet is present in the city of Abelardo Luiz, in the state of Santa Catarina.

With these transactions, Mhnet Telecom starts operating in the municipalities of Pato Branco and Clevelândia, both in the state of Paraná, in addition to Abelardo Luz, in Santa Catarina.

According to local media, the purchase of providers, which added more than 7,700 customers to Mhnet's base, is part of the brand's expansion plan. The goal is to end the year with 300,000 subscribers. Currently, there are 170,000.

The strategy also intends to expand the capillarity through the acquisition of operations that are within the coverage of more than 25,000 km of the company's optical fiber backbone network.

The reports quoted Lairto Santos, commercial director of Mhnet Telecom as saying: "Both Optinet, Frosinet and GW Telecom are in an economically interesting region, where there is great market potential. In addition, the three municipalities of the providers are within our fiber optic backbone network coverage, which favored the decision.”

The company will maintain there the supply of fixed broadband based on optical fiber, fixed telephony, pay-TV, and mobile telephony, he added.