Serbia's Telekom Srbija mulls acquisition of Posta Net

Serbia's Telekom Srbija mulls acquisition of Posta Net

Serbian state-owned telecommunications operator Telekom Srbija is in talks to acquire Posta Net, the cable TV and internet business of another government-owned entity, Posta Srbija.

 According to Demostat, although Posta net has only a small market share, by acquiring it the telco would see its cable market share in terms of subscribers increase to 54.6%, exceeding the 46.7% of its main competitor SBB.

In the cable content sector, SBB was the dominant player at the end of last year (45.5%), followed by Telekom (29.2%), Supernova (14.8%), and Posta net (2.7%).

Telekom acquired Supernova, which was officially merged within it on June 1, 2021, and if the acquisition of Posta Net succeeds, Telekom will have a 54.6% market share observed by the number of subscribers, and as for the cable content, it will exceed its main competitor, SBB, reaching 46.7%.

The acquisition of Posta Net would give Telekom a small lead in market share in the content distribution segment.
Telekom Srbija – which operates under the MTS brand – had confirmed earlier this month that the two parties were involved in talks but did not provide any further information at that time, promising instead to explain the matter in detail shortly.

The newspaper revealed that the two parties have subsequently refused to comment further on the proposed tie-up.