China Mobile and CBN settle 700MHz 5G plan

China Mobile and CBN settle 700MHz 5G plan

Mobile telecommunication company China Mobile and the national cable TV operator China Broadcasting Network (CBN) have worked out the terms of a 700 MHz 5G implementation plan, with the operator to control base station prices and first of all own 100% of the shared network.

According to Chinese media, China Mobile and 31 provincial subsidiaries have signed a 5G network sharing supplemental agreement with CBN.

The operator aims to deploy 200,000 700MHz base stations this year and 280,000 in 2022, it said.

China Mobile will bear all of the construction costs and shall initially own the network assets underlying the network, but both parties will have the right to use the network.

The agreement gives the national cable TV operator an option to buy back 50% of the wireless network assets. It will pay China Mobile a usage fee based on a negotiated rate. Neither party may dispose of its ownership of any of the 700MHz network assets covered by the deal without the consent of the other party.