Kyrgyzstan to pilot launch 5G by end of 2021

Kyrgyzstan to pilot launch 5G by end of 2021

5G will be pilot launched in Kyrgyzstan by the end of 2021, Talant Kalykov, director of the State Communications Agency, said.

According to local media reports, exact terms of the deployment of 5G networks haven't been defined in the country yet. Certain areas aren't covered with LTE networks in the country yet.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Digital Development Asel Kenenbaeva said that Kyrgyzstan plans to introduce 5G technologies by the end of 2023.

The Trend reported quoting her that the issue of launching is being worked out, work is underway with mobile operators, a working group has been created, and a communication development strategy has been developed.

Kenenbaeva also said that it is planned to build telecommunications links up to 600 km by 2023.