Ukraine’s Kyivstar launches 4G in 2,600 sites in 6 months

Ukraine’s Kyivstar launches 4G in 2,600 sites in 6 months

Ukrainian telecommunications company Kyivstar said that it covered an area with around 1.2 million residents with its LTE network in January-June 2021.

The mobile operator announced that its 4G services have become available in 2,634 sites. The operator plans to cover 89 percent of the whole country's population by its LTE network by the end of this year.

“Building the largest 4G coverage is the number one priority for Kyivstar. Therefore, we are actively investing in the network and have installed almost 3,000 new base stations with 4G since the beginning of the year. We are proud of this result, but we are not slowing down. After all, high-speed Internet Kyivstar for many is the only way to be online: to study, work, remotely receive consultations from doctors, etc. ", said Mikhail Mikolyuk, head of regional marketing at Kyivstar.

Incidentally, compared to the average rate of 4G construction in the EU, Kyivstar is building its network about 2 years faster. If in the EU it took an average of 5 years to provide 85% of population coverage, then Kyivstar reached this indicator in less than 3 years.

According to the company, this was facilitated by the fact that all the main technologies and solutions had already been worked out at the time when they began to deploy fourth-generation networks in Ukraine. In addition, in Ukraine, it was necessary to reduce the technological gap with other countries as soon as possible.