Mauritius rolls out 5G network

Mauritius rolls out 5G network

MyT Mobile, Mauritius Telecom (MT)'s mobile network, has launched the 5G services in the country one month after it obtained a 5G license for mobile telephony.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mauritius Telecom, Sherry Singh, stated that the operator is among the first to launch 5G in Africa.

"With the launch of the four MyT 5G Experience Zones, Mauritius Telecom is the first operator to deploy the 5th generation of mobile network in Mauritius," he said in a press release.

He said MyT Mobile subscribers will get a message inviting them to register to connect to the 5G network in the Cybercity regions of Ebene, Trianon, Bagatelle, and Reduit.

"With the deployment of its MyT 5G Experience Zones, Mauritius Telecom propels Mauritius on the world map of countries that have deployed 5G and at the same time joins the Top 10 African countries that have launched this technology," explained the telecommunications company in a press release.

“Despite a challenging business environment, we have to take a step and get our country ready for tomorrow's Technology ... today,” said the CEO of MT. It is above all a question of laying the foundations to prepare the country today to face the technological challenges of tomorrow.