Telekom Srbija expands mobile services to North Macedonia

Telekom Srbija expands mobile services to North Macedonia

Serbian state-owned telecommunications operator Telekom Srbija will establish a subsidiary in North Macedonia called Mtel and start offering mobile services there by the end of 2021.

According to Serbian media reports, Mtel will start offering satellite TV services within a month. "Mobile telephony and optical Internet services will be introduced by the end of 2021," it explained.

Tanjug news agency quoted the general director of Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lucic, as saying: "We've had plans to expand to the markets of North Macedonia and Albania, these plans have existed for three years now. We tried to enter the Albanian market by buying Telekom Albania but in the end, we were stopped."

Telekom Srbija intends to gain a presence in all countries of the Western Balkans, he added. The countries of the Western Balkans abolished roaming fees for calls within the region on July 1.

Vladimir said that Mtel will be just like its companies in Montenegro and BiH. "The regional initiatives additionally helped erase the borders for the economy and added that it was also important for Telekom, which wants to be present in all the countries of the region," he added.