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AIS Fibre launching in-home meshed Wi-Fi service in Thailand with Nokia

AIS Fibre launching in-home meshed Wi-Fi service in Thailand with Nokia

Fixed broadband operator AIS Fibre is teaming up with Nokia to provide residential customers with a new premium service that ensures a seamless Wi-Fi broadband experience reaching every corner of the home.

AIS Fibre customers in Thailand will be eligible to receive the Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 duo-pack for a special price which, once installed, quickly establishes a whole-home meshed Wi-Fi network that significantly enhances ultra-broadband coverage and performance.

Many homes suffer from poor Wi-Fi performance.  Speeds and reliability can be impacted by the number of connected devices and by interference from appliances like microwave ovens or Wi-Fi networks from neighbours. In addition, coverage is often inadequate due to dead zones from indoor walls.  Solving these issues can be difficult, often requiring several access points to be installed.

The Nokia Wi-Fi solution eliminates these common home networking challenges and provides AIS Fibre customers with a true meshed Wi-Fi experience that is easy to install and delivers the whole-home coverage and performance needed to support ultra-broadband services. Designed to detect 100% of both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference sources, the Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 automatically connects devices to the strongest channel to ensure a flawless experience. Additionally, embedded software and analytic functions in the beacons automatically self-heal and optimise the Wi-Fi experience, eliminating the need for customers to manually manage the network to achieve optimal performance.

Once the Nokia beacons are delivered, AIS Fibre customers can get their network up and running in few minutes by simply downloading a mobile app and following the guided setup process. Once the network is up, customers can use the mobile app to see a visual representation including a heat map to easily locate and manage dead zones and identify the right place to add new access points to fill coverage gaps. Customers can also quickly access device lists and management capabilities to create guest networks and specific security settings. 

Benoit Felten, chief research officer at Diffraction Analysis, said: "In speaking with service providers from all over the world it's clear that Wi-Fi is a major challenge because, most don't provide or manage the Wi-Fi network in the home that customers rely on for broadband access.  To deliver a great end-to-end service, operators need to ensure a consistent broadband experience can be achieved in the home and Nokia is helping make that happen.  Nokia's WiFi solution creates a meshed network that eliminates dead spots and optimises performance to ensure customers receive a seamless ultra-broadband experience throughout every corner of the house, regardless of the device being used." 

Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Fixed Broadband, AIS said: "AIS Fibre is an innovative leader and we are constantly investing in new technologies that help us deliver an unmatched ultra-high-speed broadband experience to the Thai market.  By teaming up with Nokia, we are creating a new standard in home Wi-Fi networks that is unmatched in the industry.  With exclusive access to Nokia's industry leading WiFi Beacon 3 solution, AIS customers will now be able to quickly and easily set up a home network that ensures Wi-Fi performance is delivered to every corner of the home." 

Federico Guillén, president of Nokia's Fixed Networks Business Group, said: "The Nokia Wi-Fi solution uniquely addresses the customer need for a better Wi-Fi experience while giving service providers the tools and visibility they need to quickly resolve issues and enhance customer loyalty.”

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