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Rain and Truphone partner for South African eSIM

Rain and Truphone partner for South African eSIM

Rain and Truphone have partnered to launch eSIM in South Africa. Truphone’s eSIM remote SIM provisioning platform will allow Rain to provide its customers with seamless and efficient SIM provisioning experience – directly through their devices –becoming the first carrier in South Africa to do so.

Truphone’s fully secure GSMA-accredited eSIM provisioning platform connects its network over the air to customers using the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and Google Pixel 3. The platform is fully interoperable with any other eSIM-enabled device.

Truphone says that, unlike traditional SIM manufacturers, whose model continues to hamper innovative operators, its own commercial model allows operators to rapidly deploy service without any significant set up cost and no upfront usage fees. This removes the barrier to entry for eSIM uptake and will fuel the digital revolution in this space.

Rain is the fastest growing 4G network in South Africa and this move puts eSIM technology directly into the hands of its customers. New devices with an integrated eSIM chip can change how customers interact with their mobile operator. No longer will people need to go to brick and mortar storefronts to get plastic SIM cards provisioned by individual operators—they can do it directly from their device. In line with Rain’s digital-first business model, this is a is a natural step.

Ralph Steffens, Truphone’s CEO, said “I am delighted to see Rain joining a rapidly growing number of operators on our platform, and spearheading the move towards eSIM in mobile technology in South Africa; creating a partnership that ultimately gives the customer greater power over their own mobile connectivity. Rain has built an admirable and innovative business model for the South African telecommunications market. Offering eSIM services is the next major step in their journey.”

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