Home use of internet drives new MTN Ghana offering

Home use of internet drives new MTN Ghana offering

In yet another example of how the response to Covid-19 has influenced the telecommunications sector in a number of countries, MTN Ghana has announced the launch of a home internet service.

Called MTN HOME, its aim is to offer affordable internet services to customers in their homes.

The package includes high-speed internet access, facilitating live streaming, video-on-demand and home internet automation services. It is also claimed to be a cheaper source of data, video and voice services for families and is to be made available to customers nationwide.

Inevitably the company’s marketing spokesperson refers to the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic in facilitating work from home, online schooling, webinars and e-commerce and the fact that it takes access to fast and reliable internet service to make these possible.

“We continue to invest in technology solutions that will enable our customers to enjoy the best value propositions,” he says.

Data offers on the MTN HOME service can be accessed by dialling a specific code. Customers can check the availability of the MTN HOME service in their area by visiting the MTN Ghana website on www.mtn.com or calling a service number. 

This is an interesting point as it is not clear whether the rollout of fibre across Ghana is extensive enough to guarantee a nationwide broadband service.