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Accelerating the commercialisation of 5G

Accelerating the commercialisation of 5G

Netcracker Technology has unveiled its 5G Monetization solution to help service providers accelerate the commercialization of new 5G-enabled services.

The 5G network represents massive potential for service providers, placing them at the center of the digital economy with a platform for new business opportunities like fixed-wireless access, virtual/augmented collaboration and entertainment, remote medicine and industrial robotics that are not possible with today's mobile networks. However, 5G also introduces unique monetization challenges, including:

  • Legacy BSS/OSS cannot support 5G service needs, such as real-time operations and extremely low latency.

  • Dynamic network slicing and distributed-edge compute require a new operations approach.

  • Difficulty understanding new business models and how to extract value from next-gen services.

    Netcracker's solution helps service providers:

  • De-risk the transition from 4G to 5G: As an end-to-end monetization environment, it bridges the gap between 4G and 5G. Its lightweight nature allows service providers to build out their network strategy by selecting 5G monetization components as needed that requires no change to existing BSS/OSS.

  • Build the business case for 5G: Netcracker's solution addresses new 5G needs at significantly lower costs through the use of an open, cloud-native, microservices-based architecture with distributed domain orchestration. The solution uses general-purpose, open-source software and is available as a cloud service to minimize investment costs, improve overall TCO and enable as-needed scalability.

  • Win more of the value chain: With a unique set of tools, Netcracker's 5G Monetization solution allows service providers to disrupt traditional business models, extracting new value from early 5G services. It enables real-time, on-demand business models for low latency services, new touchpoints and digital identity management, as well as a broad partner ecosystem.

Netcracker's 5G Monetization solution enables real-time, zero-touch operations of complex 5G services, complete with domain orchestration and closed-loop automation. With multitenant, microservices and cloud-based revenue management capabilities, it gives service providers the ability to provide BSS as a Service to partners, support cross-slice correlation and enable immediate charging for ultra-low latency transactions. On the customer and partner enablement side, Netcracker's 5G Monetization solution allows service providers to configure and provide quotes for dynamic 5G offerings in real time. It also enables zero-touch automation for partner onboarding and management, using open gateways and standardized APIs for testing and managing changes to a partner-driven product catalog.

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