Guidelines for PR Agencies

Thank you for your interest in Developing Telecoms. We appreciate your desire to publish content on behalf of your clients on our Portal. However, before adding us to your database and sending your press releases we ask you to note the following in order to avoid wasting yours and our time:

  • News announcements and pitches should be sent by email only. Your announcement should be included in the body of the email, not sent as an attachment. In particular please do not send us press releases as PDFs.
  • Given the huge volume of announcements and pitches we get, we simply do not have time to respond to them all. If you have emailed it to the correct address we have got it. Please do not waste your time and ours by phoning to ask if we have received or are going to use your press release. A phone call will not influence whether it will be used. If you haven't heard from us, sorry but the answer is no.
  • Similarly we don't always have time to let you know when announcements are used. You'll have to keep checking our portal or our social media feeds. There are automated tools you can use to do this too.
  • A great image will increase the chances of your announcement being used. But please make sure you have the image copyright owner's permission to use it first. Send images by email as a separate attachment or provide links for us to download them. JPG or PNG format. Please do not embed any images in Word documents. Our default image size is width 600 pixels X height 450 pixels @ 72 dpi. Images with the incorrect aspect ratio or smaller than this size cannot be used.
  • Developing Telecoms covers Emerging Markets, as in geographic areas such as Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Please do not send us news about developments in Western Europe, the USA and other developed countries. They will not be used.
  • Developing Telecoms is a News Portal which means we report on news. White papers, case studies, thought leadership articles, executive interviews, Q & As, exclusive briefings etc. are not news, they are content marketing. Our audience are extremely interested in consuming content in all these formats and more but you or your client will have to pay for them. It costs a lot to operate a high quality news portal with the reach and influence we have and, like you, our staff like to be paid for their labours.