Cambodia’s Smart plans to boost 4G and shut down 3G

Cambodia’s Smart plans to boost 4G and shut down 3G

Cambodian operator Smart Axiata has announced plans to invest more than $90 million in its mobile network infrastructure in 2021.

The operator aims to expand and improve its network to ensure stable and fast mobile broadband connectivity for its eight million subscribers.

The main focus of the upgrade will be on enhancing the 4G LTE network. However, Smart also intends to ensure the network is ready for a major 5G upgrade once the government gives 5G the go-ahead.

In fact so strong has been the adoption of 4G by Smart’s subscribers, that it has plans to shut down its 3G network over the course of 2021 and repurpose the residual frequency spectrum used for 3G to 4G.

Smart currently operates approximately 3,000 network sites across Cambodia, allowing its subscribers to use a 4G LTE network that covers 91.5 percent of the population.

By the end of 2021, Smart Axiata says it plans to add 350 sites to meet the growing demand for robust and dependable connectivity. Existing network sites will receive substantial capacity upgrades.

Smart says it is not only investing in expanding its network but also in producing clean energy to run its network sites, using renewable energy sources like solar power.