Maroc Telecom hit with anti-competition fine

Maroc Telecom hit with anti-competition fine

Morocco’s regulator has issued a fine of $375 million to Maroc Telecom for contravening the country’s antitrust regulations on the implementation of local loop unbundling (LLU).

After a complaint was brought against the country’s market leader by Zain subsidiary Inwi (formerly Wana), the ANRT (the National Agency of Telecommunications Regulation) opened an investigation into the fixed-line incumbents activities in 2017.

Inwi claimed that Maroc Telecom had hindered its rivals’ access to LLU and fixed broadband since 2013, and following its investigation the ANRT concluded that Maroc Telecom had abused its dominance in the market to this effect.

In 2014, the ANRT issued its guidelines for LLU which obliged Maroc Telecom to host rivals’ equipment in its existing cabinets, as well as build out multi-operator cabinets in future deployments. It was also required to provide wholesale tariffs for other operators using a virtual unbundled local access (VULA) model.

Maroc Telecom will now have to introduce these measures, in addition to paying its fine to the Treasury. The operator, which is 22% owned by the Moroccan government, registered profits of $312 million in H1 2019.