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Ericsson deploys flexible data charging for Vodafone Egypt

Vodafone Egypt is deploying Ericsson’s Mobile Broadband Charging (MBC) to provide up to 10 million users with a vast array of data options and more flexible on-demand subscriptions.

The service allows mobile users to personalise both prepaid and postpaid data usage plans in real time.

This solution, which is being integrated into the operator's existing Ericsson Charging System, gives users the flexibility to utilise the best plan for their needs at any time. Already fully implemented for all Vodafone Egypt's prepaid data users, the system will soon be rolled out for postpaid subscribers - with the total subscriber base expected to top 10 million data users in 2014.

Abdelfattah Mabrouk, Charging & Mediation Head of Department at Vodafone Egypt, said: "Ericsson's MBC provides superior capabilities for data charging. Mobile users do not want to be left without access to mobile data after they unknowingly reach their data limits. Ericsson's solution gives us the flexibility to offer consumers immediate top-ups without penalties."

The new business support solution (BSS) gives subscribers the option of buying daily service packages and data plans and to set up automatic bundle renewal upon depletion of an assigned quota or time. MBC provides an alert feature, which allows users to see the percentage of the current data plan that has been consumed, allowing them time to buy more data if necessary.

Anders Lindblad, President of Ericsson, Region Middle East, says: "Technology is now integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. In the transition to what we call the Networked Society, where everything is connected in real time, consumers are rapidly adopting smartphones and relying on them for everyday activities. MBC helps these subscribers to utilise data plans that suit their needs."

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