Upland Global Wireless Technology Deploys Ingenu’s RPMA Network in Nigeria

Upland Global Wireless Technology Deploys Ingenu’s RPMA Network in Nigeria

Ingenu and Upland Global Wireless Technology have deployed an Internet of Things (IoT) network in Nigeria.

Dubbed the Machine Network, it is powered by Ingenu’s RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology and will serve Nigeria’s population of approximately 184 million, providing reliable connectivity for IoT/M2M applications including, oil and gas, smart city, smart grid, agriculture and asset tracking.

The Nigerian Machine Network rollout has begun in Lagos, and will continue through the Niger Delta, initially monitoring key oil and gas assets in the petroleum-rich region of the country. The remainder of the network rollout is due for completion by late 2017, which will enable ubiquitous IoT connectivity across Nigeria’s more than 356,000 square miles of area.

The rugged terrain of Nigeria means that building a reliable network is challenging. Upland Global evaluated an array of low-power, wide-area (LPWA) and cellular solutions, ultimately opting for Ingenu’s RPMA network based on its long-range coverage, secure two-way transmission, network capacity and cost savings.

Bola Awobamise, president and CEO of Upland Global Wireless Technology, said: “We have a successful history of collaboration in bringing innovative solutions to market, and we believe the IoT network will provide the country with distinct advantages in delivering useful applications to its citizens.”

“Upland Global has vast experience implementing private networks with Ingenu’s RPMA technology, and has deployed a host of IoT devices within the RPMA ecosystem,” said John Horn, chief executive officer, Ingenu. “Working with this innovative company, we look forward to expanding the global network to West Africa and bringing the benefits of IoT connectivity to Nigeria’s ever-expanding economy.”