Africell wins fourth Angolan mobile licence

Africell wins fourth Angolan mobile licence

Angola’s government has issued the country’s fourth mobile licence to Africell Holdings.

In a statement, the Interministerial Working Group in charge of the bidding named Africell - which is based in the UK - as Angola’s “fourth national telecommunications operator”.

However, in March the Working Group revealed that Africell was in fact the only candidate for the licence as South Africa’s MTN Group and Angolan firm BAI Investments chose not to bid.

Africell’s licence will allow it to build out mobile infrastructure and offering internet, fixed-line and pay-TV services. It will compete against the incumbent duopoly of Movicel and Unitel, although state-backed fixed provider Angola Telecom, which holds a Unified Global licence, is partnering with Egyptian-backed start-up Angorascom to enter the mobile space.

Originally headquartered in Lebanon, Africell now operates from the UK and provides mobile networks in several African markets, including Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, Sierra Leone and Uganda.