STC unveils three 'mega data centres' in Saudi Arabia

STC unveils three 'mega data centres' in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia-based operator STC launched three “mega data centres” in Riyadh, Jeddah and Madina with an investment of SAR1 billion ($266 million) pledged for the project, as part of the country’s digital transformation programme.

In a statement, STC said the centres will house telecommunications equipment and digital cloud infrastructure, to offer higher availability of connectivity and faster customer connection time.

The centres in Jeddah and Madina are already online and the data centre in Riyadh was commissioned in late December. For the construction of its centres, the operator stated it “embraced state-of-the-art design and construction techniques”, to advance Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure architecture.

STC said in a statement: “This exciting announcement comes as part of STC’s ongoing achievements to enable digital transformation within the Kingdom and further the country’s National Transformation Program 2020, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.”

The three data centres have been built over 150 prefabricated modules, fully equipped with power, thermal management and IT infrastructure.

Nasser Al-Nasser, STC CEO said the data centres add to its previous $500 million investment into Ali Baba Cloud and Electronic World Trade Platform, also part of the operator’s ongoing digital transformation plans.

“The successful completion and transformation of STC’s mission-critical offering, will enable the next step in digital services to be delivered throughout the Kingdom. This first milestone achievement is only the beginning’, added Al-Nasser.

Haithem Alfaraj, STC technology and operations SVP, said the operator had reached a “major milestone in providing next-generation data centres”, that will meet customer demands from digital infrastructure and provide paths to upgrade with demands.