Angolan offshore cable project begins

Angolan offshore cable project begins

The Nzadi Cable System Project, which will be implemented in waters offshore Angola, is now under way.

The Nzadi Consortium, the developer of the Nzadi Cable System Project, and WFN Strategies, a leading submarine cable planning, engineering and implementation firm, have jointly announced the commencement of the project.

The Nzadi Cable System will comprise a main trunk cable from Luanda to Cabinda in Angola with a branching unit for future connection to Soyo, as well as potential northward expansion to both the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Nzadi Cable System will consist of a high fibre count of up to 14 fibre pairs and will connect some 15 to 30 offshore oil and gas assets. The ready-for-service date of the Nzadi Cable System is the fourth quarter of 2023. The project is committed to using as much local content as possible.

WFN Strategies will act as the project planner, designer and implementer. It work will include establishing an initial understanding of the telecommunications infrastructure which will need to be constructed; creating a high-level plan (including technical requirements and timeline) for developing that infrastructure; identifying any obstacles or issues in constructing the infrastructure; and providing budgetary cost estimates for the cable system.