Beeline Russia, P.I. Works partner to deploy AI network solution

Beeline Russia, P.I. Works partner to deploy AI network solution

Russian mobile operator Beeline has partnered with the Istanbul-headquartered P.I. Works on a network planning project, aimed at streamlining the operator’s investment planning processes and revolutionising customer experience, said a joint press release.

 As a part of the project, P.I. Works SmartPlan, the automated and AI-driven network planning solution, will be deployed nationwide. Initial rollouts began in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Krasnodar through intelligent operations of Beelines network.

Valeriy Shorzhin, Executive VP, CTO Beeline said, “ After the SmartPlan system is implemented, we intend to undertake an in-depth analysis of the data coming from multiple sources in automatic mode. This gives us the possibility to calculate high-level site and extension plans with high accuracy in automated mode. We expect this to create a more time-efficient investment planning process, provide more transparent calculations, and enable more structured processes given the intelligent automation capabilities of the system. We are confident that our partnership with P.I. Works will open up new opportunities for both companies.”

According to the release, P.I. Works’ proprietary Smart Network Planning solution incorporates business and network metrics into a single solution to effectively forecast the network traffic volume and plan future investment decisions.

"It also uses inputs like Network KPIs, physical site data, point-of-interest locations, crowdsourced data, marketing data, and other customer-centric data to generate a priority model for investment planning decisions in line with Beeline’s planning policies," the release added.

"SmartPlan solution orchestrates the investment requirements of different business units in a single platform and incorporates all layers and technologies into one process. This avoids separate planning processes for different business programs and requirements, thus eliminating redundant site investment. The solution also prioritizes the new site investments per region and technology based on Beeline’s planning policies," it said.