Pontis: Ofer Razon's 2015 Trends

2015 will be the year service providers truly identify - and begin filling - the engagement void that exists between them and their customers.

Operators will meet the great demand customers have for a complete mobile customer experience, and they’ll address this by implementing contextual engagement strategies that enable continuous interactions that drive value for customers. Service providers will also better capitalise on supporting tools to deliver this customer engagement.

The current gap that exists represents a vacuum that’s present for much of each customer’s lifecycle. For example, many customers remain unengaged by their operators for a large duration of their contract, and only receive communication during onboarding and when their contract nears renewal. The contact that has existed has either been sporadic from campaign-based, mass messages or reactive services only first initiated by the customer and not representative of the progressive service strategies operators truly need to ensure a more satisfied customer. The base level of interaction and lack of ongoing communication has led to a customer that feels detached from their provider and far less likely to stay onboard. The reverse – an environment that shows a customer that they are valued, appreciated and at the center of the conversation – will be the critical factor in deciding who will declare 2015 a major step forward. Service providers that utilise these solutions won’t just be giving a better service, they will also be availing themselves of a host of other opportunities to upsell different products and packages. Because these new 'sales' will be based on a direct, need-based interaction, they are far more likely to succeed and far more likely to be appreciated by the customer.

With the presence of the engagement void, customer satisfaction can be volatile and unpredictable with increased churn rates and decreased customer loyalty. The key to creating engaging environments for mobile customers is to understand what’s relevant to each specific individual. By emphasising context via analytics that channel big data to provide information-rich insights, a deep understanding of each customer’s specific service needs can be formed. Customers live dynamic digital lifestyles and no two customer are the same – customer experience will need to reflect that, this year more than ever.

Traditional engagement approaches have become outdated and ineffective, especially in a new digital environment where more informed customers require tailored packages to provide them with an experience that enables their ideal digital lifestyle. Service that represents the status quo, perpetuating the lowest common denominator of customer service, is something operators can no longer afford to represent.

During the engagement void, when many operators go virtually silent with their customers, there are customer experiences that are being passed over that require a proactive approach and smart tactics on the operator’s part in order to actualise. 4G 'moments', time specific offerings, geo-based packages and more, all offered in real time, can help bridge this gap. The void needs to be filled with approaches that work in the “right now” representing contextual engagement, ultra-personalised tactics, and a thorough examination of each customer throughout the entirety of their customer lifecycle. This will be necessary in the coming year, and here on out for operators to differentiate themselves and remain competitive.

Every interaction between operator and customer must be insight driven based on data analytics, and needs to be tailored to each customer. We’ll see operators implore tools that maximise this strategy.


In this space, the efforts that will be made to fill the engagement void reflect a customer experience revolution compared to much of the state of service we’ve seen. Customers and operators are ready to give their customers a revolutionised service experience in 2015.

Ofer Razon is the VP of Products & Marketing at Pontis.


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