CVidya turns to the developing markets

Alon Aginsky, President, CEO and founder of cVidya Networks, outlines his company's ambitions in emerging markets in view of the recent success of their MoneyMap solution in Panama...

Dear Sir,

Following the story you recently published about cVidya (CVidya MoneyMap charts C&W Panama success) I would like to provide some further information to update Developing Telecom's site visitors / readers.

In general terms, cVidya, a global player in telecom data integrity and revenue assurance systems, has to be a self-contained organisation offering various services and technologies.  

Although the specific information we need to determine which technology is required for any one project differs greatly from one contract to another (and although the revenue stream structures and the business models may also differ) what links every project is the basic software involved. Our MoneyMap product includes this software as a generic flexible platform to implement revenue assurance solutions.

Even more important, our staff at cVidya, with their domain expertise and their professionalism and dedication, complement the white-label features of MoneyMap and enable the software to address domain-specific revenue assurance issues.

Since we started five years ago in Israel , we have opened offices in the UK , Hong Kong, Brazil , and Thailand among others. In total, we have been operating in 34 countries. Most recently the Caribbean comes to mind but there are also Asia-Pacific and Russia . This is where we rise to meet the linguistic challenge.

Overall, developing markets represent an increasing proportion of our business. On average we secure a new contract in these markets every six weeks.

The fastest-growing markets for cVidya? Well, the Far East suggests itself strongly, with Malaysia , Indonesia , and Thailand . Brazil has been a tremendous country for us. And then there are Croatia and Lithuania.

You ask us for our slowest markets and our disappointments. The former must be China , where progress is never quick, but there are still 150 operators to work with. And then there is, or should I say was, India . This was touch-and-go as far as contracts were concerned. We were not involved in the major money-spinning area of infrastructure and so in the end we withdrew from this market.

On average the commercial value of one of our contracts is US$1 million. When we work with Cable & Wireless we are paid from the UK so financial security is not a problem for us.

You ask us to nominate one factor you would like us to change. We would love to change the decision-making process in one or two of our markets. Two years to come up with a decision is far too long. We wish it could be six months - we would love to change this but it remains unrealistic.

With our best wishes for Developing Telecoms,

Alon Aginsky - President, CEO & Co-Founder, CVidya Networks

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