MTS expands 4G LTE coverage in Minsk

MTS expands 4G LTE coverage in Minsk

Mobile TeleSystems Belarus (MTS Belarus), in cooperation with the state-owned infrastructure operator beCloud, is expanding its 4G network in the Minsk region.

According to a press release from the telco, more than 140 settlements of the region will have a new LTE-800 range, making LTE services in suburbs of municipal centres, alongside motorways, and in remote villages.

The services are available from May 20 in the settlements of Slutsky, Stolbtsovsky, Kletsky, Dzerzhinsky, Molodechnensky, Vileysky, Myadelsky, Pukhovichsky, Borisovsky, Nesvizhsky, Kletsky, Starodorozhsky, Logoisky, and other districts of the Minsk region.

The LTE-800 range has a longer range and allows you to cover a larger area with fewer base stations, it said.

The LTE-800 range is already operating in the Gomel and Mogilev regions. The company has plans for this year is to increase the 4G network in the northern region of the country - the Vitebsk region. It is planned to expand the 4G network from MTS in all regions of the country by 2023.

Two days ago, DT reported that Unitary enterprise A1, the largest private telecom, and content service provider in Belarus, and infrastructure operator beCloud have completed work on expanding the 4G network in the Minsk region.