Intracom Telecom Supports Wiicom’s Cameroon Network

Intracom Telecom Supports Wiicom’s Cameroon Network

Wiicom has tapped Intracom Telecom for a network delivering mobile and ultra-broadband services to residential consumers and businesses across Cameroon that cannot be reached by fibre.

The need to roll out a wireless network and offer high-quality broadband access connectivity to end users led to Wiicom selecting Intracom’s state-of-the-art WiBAS PtMP system, the unique OmniBAS PtP product family and the advanced network management system, uniMS. The selection of PtMP technology and the WiBAS system is part of Wiicom’s investment in network expansion, modernisation and capacity upgrade.

The WiBAS product family, consisting of the WiBAS-OSDR and WiBAS-Connect, will be deployed in Wiicom’s network in the licensed 10.5 GHz band, offering the quickest connection activation for customers and highest capacity of 100 Mbps per subscriber. Moreover, the multi-Gigabit smart packet Point-to-Point microwave (PtP MW) solution, OmniBAS will be used for backhaul applications, while the whole system will be managed by the advanced uniMS software.

John Tenidis, Marketing Director of Intracom Telecom's wireless solutions portfolio, said: “Through WiBAS PtMP system [Intracom] provides a variety of services through broadband connectivity to as many subscribers as possible, who presently are impacted by the digital divide; therefore improving competitiveness and access to information for the citizens of Cameroon in underserved areas.”

Christian Chataigner, Commercial Director of Intratelecom Morocco, stated: “This is a significant achievement for Intracom Telecom operations in Cameroon and a crucial step towards accomplishing our strategic goals in the emerging African market.”